Author Topic: gray color in between uv shells?  (Read 1442 times)

when I export images I seem to get this gray background. Even in Substance painter my texture has a 50% gray otuside of the UV shells, and the uv shells themselves are transparent. Why is this? I want everything to be transparent if there is no information on it. This way the texture will have the proper dilation. Currently my colors I have painteed are blending with the gray in transparentish areas, really giving me a lot of problems.

I am using a UDIM texture. Also using 2.6.1 for now

I can see that gray background is in the default sphere. However when I export it does dilation properly. Not in mine.

I noticed the dilation only happens on the border of uv edges. I guess that makes sense. It is unfortunate because what I am trying to do is painting this paint marks on the bricks, and I've been exporting black and white masks, as well as the color background. However I've noticed that my since painter adds gray to transparent bits, this blends the edges of my paint colors with gray. It would be cool of there was some way to add dilation inside the uv shell, if the rest of the shell is transparent. This way there would be no blending around the edges.
Or am I doing this the wrong way? is there a better way to approach this?