Author Topic: exporting multiple psds  (Read 1919 times)

Is it somehow possible to export multiple psds from the export textures dialog? I need to export the textures as .tga to get seperate files. But since our engine requires .psd files I need to open them in Photoshop and save as .psd. Would be much easier to simply export the psd files from Substance Painter. Unfortunately as soon as I export to .psd only one psd gets exported with different layers.

Not sure if thats possible, I never noticed this before. You're right, when you select PSD file format in the export textures dialog, a single PSD is exported. There should be an option to export to separate PSD files.

There is an option in PS to at least export all layers to files in one go (File -> Export -> Layers to Files). But you probably knew that already.

Yes, I know the export feature within Photoshop. But since I want the glossiness inside the alpha, or the illuminance in a blue channel, simply exporting the layers as files doesn't to the trick. I guess I could write a little script to build my psds from the layered psd Painter exports... but then again it would be so much easier if Substance Painter could simply do the job for me.