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can someone tell me the proper way to save an SVG out of illustrator CC to get substance to read it?
profile? etc

I find the vector control in substance designer somewhat lacking
and I think I have more control in illustrator with vectors. or sometimes it's easier to bring in logos or stuff

so far i can see the linked resource on the side. and if I double click it I can see it in the 2D view
but once I drag it into a graph.
it's gone, I can't see anything in the node in the 2D view, can't use it for masking anything or as a basic texture

You need to convert your shpaes to a simple path in illustrator before exporting it. SD only supports paths, not strokes/gradients, complex shapes, etc.

seems to be invisible when i bring it in still
is there a proper export format?

I figured it out for anyone else that stumbles across this thread post.
to export out SVG out of illustrator you have to reduce all settings to no checkmarks and set the SVG profile to 1, that seems to be working for now

Thank for the tip Eugene.
I'm on Illustrator CS6 and I had the same problem.

But the only thing to do is uncheck "Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities".
The other options change nothing.

I do have a strange problem.
I can just select the rectangles (red), not trapezoids and triangles (black).
All the shapes are simple path with basics and same effects.
(red color is changed in substance...)

I tried many things but it's still the same problem
SVG file

can't help ya there
sometimes I get weird vectors that don't have any control points
but it still reads fine, nothing I can't work around with
so all works out for me, but I know what you're talking about

might have to do with the way things are structured in the layers in illustrator

Yep, thank,
The shapes are drawn from scratch with the same technique (rectangle modified with direct select)
no layer, no pathfinder, no group...

it appears in the SVG code, there are two kind of shape, rectangle and polygon.
I cant select the polygon shape...

Code: [Select]
<polygon points="678.5,81.6 942.4,345.5 942.4,236.5 787.5,81.6 "/>
<polygon points="81.6,236.5 81.6,345.5 345.5,81.6 236.5,81.6 "/>
<rect x="81.6" y="1.5" width="940.9" height="77.1"/>
<rect x="1.5" y="1.5" width="77.1" height="940.9"/>

sorry for old bump but has anyone found a way to get SVG's imported without Illustrator?
I'm sure with the recent Adobe acquisition, stuff like this will inevitably get fixed but not sure if there's anything else I can do to import SVG's just from Photoshop.