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Hi all,

I recently been getting into learning to bake my high to low polys, and then I'm using substance painter to texture the low poly. I am having some problems with my cylinder baking, but that is another issue (unless that's my problem here lol).

I am just using a metal material, then using a rust material on top of that with a smart mask. When I export the texture at 2k it's very pixelated up close. It's fine at 4k, but I feel like I am doing something wrong, because I don't think games have every asset at 4k. (Also the textures are different on the 2, as I tried to redo it and fix. The setup was identical though)

I'm very new to the whole baking and maps part, so there may be something obvious I am missing D:

I modeled and unwrapped the item in Maya, high poly in Zbrush, baked in Marmoset, and textured in SP. After the textures I exported to Marmoset to my model.


THis looks like some kind of corruption of the texture, since they seem entirely different and the 2k version seems to display some very sharp noise.
How does the texture look like in 2k and 4k in Painter?

Thanks for the response Jeremie!

Sorry I should have edited my post at the top to state this. The 2 textures are actually different, as I rebuilt the 2nd to try and fix it. They were setup the same way where I used a metal material, then a rust material on top with a smart mask.

In the viewport it is pixelated, though not as bad as when I use it in Marmoset. I built the texture in 2k while in Painter, and exported as 4k. They were both built in 2k resolution and look the same in the painter view port, but when exporting it in 4k it was better. I haven't tested what it looks like in 4k for Painter yet, as it usually slows me down quite a bit.

Sorry I am unable to post more pictures, once I'm home from work I can show some more shots of it if it will help.


I have been searching around trying to find some possible solutions, though it is hard not being in front of the actual program. Could my UV layout be a problem with this? I'm new to unwrapping and my UV layout is spread out, not maximizing the space like it should. Would this cause the texture to come out pixelated like that?

I'm pretty new to UVing myself... but there's some info in Wes' tutorial here, about texel density.

So yes, your UV map could be the reason for the pixelating.

Thanks Darren! I actually went through some videos and watched that yesterday. So with that I cleaned up my UV's to the best of my knowledge (still learning there, of course). With Toolbag I maxed my settings to see how it would look and it's better, but still pixelated up close. All of my maps and textures were done in 2k resolution.

I have also been doing a new SP file everytime (using the same textures and masks) and have changed the model. So it won't exactly match the previous pictures

I grabbed some screen shots in case anyone can help.
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Somewhat off-topic, but I would change the flanges (where the bolts go) back to the sharp 90-degree corner between the pipe and the flange.  In a Sci-Fi world, you might say things are different, but you really don't see the flared gentle curve like you have in the most recent pictures.  The first set seemed much more "real" in that sense.  A small radius, possibly some welding, would be a sweet detail there.

I do have to admit, there are some "flaired" flanges, like this one:
But I'd still go back closer to what you had originally.

Nice dents, though.  They look great.

Cool work, and I hope you get your textures all figured out to your satisfaction.  :)
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Ah thank you very much for the tip! I do agree it looked better that way.

I actually never knew what that part was called.. that definitely helps to find some better pictures. Thanks @justaviking

Alright I have been searching more to find a solution. Would a non supported graphics card cause this kind of behavior? I'm currently running on an R9 270x 2GB. The program itself runs fine with no lag up to 2048 resolution. Up at 4k it's slower, and no option for 8k.

Has anyone seen issues, with a non supported graphics card, where your textures are pixelated?