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Hi folks!

Was just wondering about UV maps... am I right in thinking that only the low res model needs to have them for anything to work properly? The reason I ask is because the low res model of the Holosight model created by Wes for the beginner's tutorial is the only version with UV maps. The high res model has them too, but they are a complete mess, i.e. it looks as if they're not used?

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OK, I found the answer. And it's no, the high poly mesh doesn't need to have UVs.

Thanks for the 47 views, though! Haha! :D

Ah thanks for this, I was actually wondering this myself... Thank you thank you

My pleasure! :)

By the way, for my question, I was assuming that the workflow is to use a low poly model for painting, referencing the high poly model for bakes.

If you only use the high poly model and paint on that... presumably *then* you'll need high poly UV maps? I'm not sure what you'd do for baking in that case though. Would you still need normal maps etc?