Author Topic: How does the run command work in the new batch tools?  (Read 4016 times)

I am interested in the run command described here:

Subcommand run
Batch options
--json <path>
Json file describing an execution plan.

How does the Json file need to be formatted? Is there an example anywhere?

Thanks :)

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"C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance BatchTools/5/sbsbaker.exe" ambient-occlusion-from-mesh  --tangent-space-plugin "C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance BatchTools/5/plugins/tangentspace/mikktspace.dll" --inputs $inputs_url --output-path $output_url --output-format tga --output-format-compression raw --output-name $file_name --output-size 5 --uv-set 0 --highdef-mesh $high_def_url --average-normals true --relative-to-bbox true --ignore-backface false --max-frontal 0.01 --max-rear 0.01 --antialiasing 1 --dilation-width 64 --nb-second-rays 128 --min-dist 0.01 --max-dist 20 --spread-angle 45 --ray-distrib 1 --max-dist-relative-scale true --ignore-backface-secondary true --apply-diffusion false --use-cage true --cage-mesh $cage_url
You can take a look at the MEL here to see how to construct the keys for the batch baker.

Thanks for the response.

I am already successfully sending commands to Batch Tools via Python, but the run command is new in the 2017 version they just released. I believe it allows the highpoly to be cached in ram so it does not need to be reloaded for every command that you send to Batch Tools. You build the json file, and then send that to the new run command.

I just have no clue how to format the Json file, a few attempts proved incorrect.

I'm looking for the same thing as @matttb124.
Are there any json examples for the run command in batch tools?


This thread is the first result that comes up on google now XD

Can someone please provide the information so wanderers to this thread can get the info they need?

Thanks guys!

Please check this thread for a couple examples :,19502.0.html

Also, please note that with the latest version of Substance Designer, you can now save baking presets from the baker setting windows in that json format (and therefore reuse them with sbsbaker using the run command).
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