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This is as close as I can get to the path you gave me? Please help me with this!!


You need to go in Users /"your name" / Library (by default the library is not displayed, you need to click on "Go to" in the top menu, then press Alt, and the Library will be displayed).
Then once in Library you can go in Application Support / Allegorithmic...

Head of Product Management

Here is the log

Update on build 450.

This build is greatly improved - paint sticks for many of the material presets, for both brushes and particles.

I haven't gone through all of the materials, but: asphalt does not work, but bagpack does. bark old does. black dirt does not. black pin yes. bump no. caiman yes, cap yes, car paint yes, after several seconds. cobalt no. concrete yes.

The "no" ones are the ones where only the final mouse location gets painted, as in the original video. The behavior of car paint, where the paint appears after a significant delay, makes me wonder if there is a GPU timeout issue? Maybe it's getting killed? Or maybe some shader set up is not quite right and it is going off to a software shading fallback? (The framerate is quite low during painting which makes me think maybe software fallback.) Or maybe it is using the low power graphics card instead of the performance one?

Anyway I hope these observations provide some clues. My fingers are crossed that you guys will nail the issue soon! This version is the first usable one on my machine, so I am encouraged!

Build 464

This seems to be good. All the materials and brushes and particles I've tested so far are working properly.