Author Topic: 2017.1 crashes on new material pull-down  (Read 1180 times)

I submitted an official Bug Report but was wondering if anyone else has a crash on creating a new material?

Here was my report:

" crashes on creating new material
crashed 7 times, and I "reported" each when prompted.
Unsucessful in fixing issues, tried:
1 turn off 3d and 2d
2 installed new drivers for gpu
3 set cache for nodes from 2k to 8 and back to 4k
4. increased gpu cache from 2 to 4.
6. closed all other files and start from newly opened Designer on newly restated window.

Restart of computer in between each try.

I am going to use old nodes in Save-as and hope this is fixes itself or you Allegorithmic does...

My last node seems to open well.

Have not tried to create a new MDL material...

The released is the new 2017.1.0

I have a 6800k, titan xp, 32 gig ram g skills 3200mhz..."
matthew grimaldi architect