Author Topic: Shelf - Reading shortcut on disk vs. Duplicating resources?  (Read 1413 times)


Hey all,

I'm looking to allow Substance Painter to use more of the alphas and hdri env maps I have on disk.

It seems that the only option for including them into SP is to Import them which effectively duplicates the file into the user shelf area. I have not been successful in getting a shelf to recognize the files available (elsewhere on disk; not within the shelf dir structure) through a single folder shortcut placed in the appropriate shelf area.

This could mean a lot of disk space eaten up duplicating things that ideally would only live on disk in one place.

Sub-shelfs don't seem to be the answer.

Am I missing something? Should there be an option to work as I describe? Or is this the expected and normal behavior? Just fishing for insights and couldn't find anything directly on this in the forums.

Thanks in advance!

I was able to do this by using the commandline tool mklink to create a symbolic link, here's some info if you're not familiar.

mklink /d Dirt "E:\Texture Resources\Dirt"

I ran this command inside e:\substances\textures\ to create a Dirt subfolder as a shortcut that Painter and Designer can both use properly. If a soft link doesn't work for you, try replacing /d with /j for a hard link- To the OS, e:\substances\textues\Dirt\ would be a "real" folder even though the files are physically located in e:\texture resources\dirt.

I noticed a shortcut made via the windows UI doesn't work, but this does; I thought that a soft link was the same as a normal shortcut, dunno.


Awesome. Thanks for the tip. Now that you mention it, I think I set something similar up ages ago for ZBrush quick save/cache files and forgot about it. I'll give this a shot. Much appreciated!


Worked like a charm. Cheers!