Author Topic: Downloads for Substance Live products time out and fail.  (Read 1230 times)

Back in April i encountered this same issue. I can not download my substance products or the updates.
the downloads start super fast but within 5 seconds the speed drops to 0 bytes / sec.. and then times out.

This is the only site i have this issue with. I have gigabit internet that works flawlessly for other other sites.

PLEASE put up a mirror for your products. As a paying customer it is really frustrating that months later this is still and issue still happens.

for the record this symptom is consistent across multiple machines. it still happens after a fresh windows install... it happens on my mac.
changing routers has no effect and there is no firewall between us.

(example: 0 B/s - 40.9 MB of 1.2 GB ) after 3 seconds of download.

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Update: Solved the problem

If you have a hiltron gigabit mode / router. TURN OFF home gateway feature on the device.
This solved the issue for me.


I currently cannot download any program from your website. I'm trying to download both substance painter and designer and neither will successfully download.

Each of them stops usually around the same place depending on the browser used. Have tried Chrome, Firefox, Opera, on multiple computers.

This has been going on for over a week.


It is happening again.. timeouts and <30kbps.