Author Topic: Some of the new Substances are broken  (Read 1730 times)


In the new Grounds update for Substance Source, I have run across some Substances that are broken. When I try to import them into Unity, Unity throws an error and the Substance icon looks like a white square. I then confirmed the Substance having an issue by opening it in the Substance Editor. In the Substance Editor the broken Substance has no data and there is an error about link not working or something. Here is the Unity error on import:

Failed to retrieve a single SBSASM file in the archive... Did you use the Substance cooker to generated the archive ?
UnityEditorInternal.InternalEditorUtility:ProjectWindowDrag(HierarchyProperty, Boolean)

Plenty of the new grounds work fine, I haven't tested them all. However, here are 4 that are currently broken:

Sand Cracked
Cracked Soil
Dune Sand
Wood Planks

I wasn't sure where or who to talk to about this so figured I would start with a post here.


Unity cannot handle yet substances created with Substance Designer 6, which is the case of those substances I believe.
Unity is going to be updated soon to be able to read them.

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