Author Topic: Invert Greyscale Tool Hotkey Height?  (Read 1540 times)

Could someone tell me why X (Invert Greyscale Tool Hotkey) is inverting the height instead of the brush greyscale??
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I have the exact same issue  :'(

Hey, this is the intended result (and it changes the grayscale value in mask mode, not the height).
Inverting the alpha would make no sense as in most cases you would paint nothing in the center.

It seems to have fixed itself by restarting Painter, but while on a mask layer it was inverting the 'height' colour and not the 'colour' in the 'Properties - Paint' section. So while painting on a mask layer there was no way to paint black as it was locked to white. Even changing the greyscale slider had no effect.

seems weird...

Well it's happened again. I wasn't doing anything special, I just added a new paint layer in mask mode and in the greyscale was broken.

Could you provide your log file, please?
Log file procedure :


It should have attached to the post above?

My bad

I have the exact same issue, sometimes the grayscale tool key seems to not work when I try to paint a mask and I find myself painting the mask only in white because when I try to switch to black nothing happens, and the only way to stop this is restarting painter