Author Topic: Meet MAT : Franck Topic is.. Captain MAT !  (Read 2608 times)

Hi everyone !

I LOVE marvel haha so here it is... :D
Just a WIP for now, I don't even know if I'm gonna push this way or try something house.

Good luck to all !  :)

Still not finished but one day left... almost there !

Here it is  :)
Lot of fun (and crashes haha  ;D) doing this little guy, good luck to all !

That's great.  Excellent coloring.
I love how you used his "exposed boxers" to create the band around his waist.

Since you're a self-confessed Marvel fan, you might enjoy seeing this video about the music in the Marvel movies.  My son showed it to me just last night.  It starts a bit rough (interviewing a few people out on the street) but then it gets pretty good after that.  Definitely worth watching.
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