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Hi. I'm going to try this new version of substance with this contest. I would like to give the character a look like a Bobble Head from Mad Max's film, with the materials of the movie cars.

Love these movies, so looking forward to what you come up with.

Playing with the heightmap... I'm going to try to give a look of car parts and industrial machinery. The head will be on one side like a car headlight and the other like a tire.


Burning maps and testing basic color schemes.

Continuing with the materials. I am focusing on getting a rusty metal finish as in the references.

I still define the materials. In general, I have used the Substance Painter base materials, modifying them and adding filters and generators. For the sheet I have also used the particles to paint. Many of the details, especially the fabric, were hand painted. Most of the materials are referenced from the Mad Max Interceptor.

This is my final entry. The Mat version based on Mad Max movies. MAD MAT Fury Booble Head. Mel would have wanted to take it on the dashboard of his V8 Interceptor!  :)

I am a little disappointed because I have not had all the time I wanted to dedicate it to the contest and I would like to have left it better. But this contest has been very fun and has helped me to try new ways to improve my workflow with substance.

Greetings and good luck to all!
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