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@NodrawNT - Thanks mate!

And a second update for today, managed to get quite a lot done.

Basic details are in for the chest area, hips, shoulders, elbows and hands. Hopefully I can push this level of detail onto the rest of the model tomorrow, sadly i have less time to work though :-[

So nice looking! Keep up :)

@asicson - thanks :)

Just for fun - decided to expand all my layers for the body... think I might have gone slightly overboard with them, some (like the rivets) could all be in the same group. But then again - I have complete control over everything!

...Does make my file ~700mb though :o

I warned many times already but don't wanna bad for you too.
Be careful with lots of layers. I lost half work because Painter crashes when I trying switch to body texture set.
So had to start from older layers.
Now when I save I switching layers off.

Thanks for the tip, will do :)

Planning to export the textures so that i have a new height/normal etc. map and reimport them into a fresh MAT project before i do the final touches with mesh adaptive masks and such.

So finished with the chest now, haven't changed the base metal material yet though. Going for something a bit darker probably to make the patterns pop out a bit more.

Moving on to the head now, hoping to finish it off tonight and get started on the procedural masks afterwards.

And half the head is finished...ish.

Going to add more details to it tomorrow!

This is awesome  :o

btw: Sick layer stack. I imagine this is very time consuming finding stuff in there.

Aaaaaand finished with the initial fine details... :D

Onto working with the materials and then going into the procedural damages and other awesome stuff.

MAT managed to kill off some rather hard enemies and picked up a somewhat darker armour set on they way ;)

Sadly he managed to take some damage as well on the way there so onto beating it up a bit!

@DerDude Sorry for not saying anything, giddy with working on this ;D It's actually not that bad, most of them are named properly, or in the least grouped into something named properly. Will probably do a breakdown of this thing afterwards just for fun.

And here's the last update for tonight, got a good 12 hours of work done today :o

Pretty much done with the body (soon™) and then it's onto the head. Still need to do a second pass on some of the damage parts in addition to doing a pass on the cloth, but I'm really liking most of it for now.

And finished with the body (for now... might have time to take an extra look later today) and starting with the head now.

Quite happy with the level of detail, every so slightly worried that I've made it a bit to fine or beaten but eh, can't say I don't love this type of stuff.  ;D

And more or less done with the head as well, went a lot faster than the body due to less layers to play around with plus no cloth or leather.

Pretty happy with it, going to work a bit more with the pedestal now and then it will be finished!

Just because I could pretty much... I give you:

MAT of Cinder

Although it does need a bit more dramatic lighting...

Anyway - back to tweaking the normal one though. Think I'm going with something darker for the ground, might actually add a bit of emissive to it as well.
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I'm a big Souls fan and I absolutely love the character you made for the contest. You're doing an amazing job, good luck !