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This one will be a lot of fun, still thinking about my concept but think I'm aiming for something ornate with lots of metal.

And the final image as well!

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Think this is going in a darksouls esque direction ;D

Going for a marble base and then working in some armour details into MAT, just some super rough sketches for now.

Got quite a lot done today, didn't actually take near as much time as I thought either.

Main delay was getting the layering done correctly but I have a pretty nice workflow for it now so more progress for less time!

Going to finish all the basic shapes first off and then go into refining the heightmap for each piece to push the shape as far as possible.

And a mini update - things really sped up this morning. Managed to finish most of the arms and add some more stuff to the legs in roughly one third of the time it took me to make just the breastplate yesterday. More layering on the arms then onto the head!

And that's it for today, face is coming along nicely and some light detailing on the hands.

Very nice!

Definitely cool idea and execution!

Whoa, looks pretty badass

Thanks for all the kind words :)

And another update!

Pretty much finished with the basic shapes so going to start refining the shapes further now. The head has some extra information but no real detail yet. Doing a pass on the body now starting of with the gauntlets. This is the really fun part though so probably going to work a bit more later today as well  ;D

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And a smaller update, worked a bit more on the arm.

Noticed that the top shoulderplate needs to be redone slightly, not liking the form on it quite. Other than that pretty happy.

Also - directional blur is the best thing ever ;D

Just a small update today as i didn't quite have as much time to work  :-[

Redid the top part of the shoulder and added some more details to the gloves, probably done with this part for now.

Next up is the breastplate - thinking of adding a bit of the gorget to it as well.

And another update!

Hopefully I'll get to work on it a bit more tonight, hammering out the more detailed shapes is really fun :)

Finished of the arm and fixed the aketon as well - really gave it a bit more "oumph" which was nice. Managed to get some of the breastplate done as well.

The hip armour was finished yesterday but didn't really warrant an update or edit so more for today instead!

Mostly worked on the legs today (never skip leg day... I'll let myself out) and a bit of refinement on the chest / elbows. In addition to that he has some proper pants now instead of a pair of lowriders ;D

Plan is to finish the feet and pants tomorrow so i can get started on the fine details.

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Finally finished with the base height! ;D

Onto the fine details (markings etc.) and after that... wear and tear.

Front/Back shot with and without the chain mail on.

This looks great !