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I have a case where I am turning a 2d character into 3d.
The character has a number of blotchy colours and I am wondering how best to paint with these colours in Painter.
I started exporting 128x bitmaps with solid sampled colours from photoshop,

But can I import the sprite image .png and use a colour picker to set the solid colour parameter on a layer by layer basis in Painter? I can import the image of course but cant seem to get the painter eyedropper to sample my sprite image.

User error? Workflow suggestions?

Thanks for the great app and previous advice!

Can you share a couple of pictures?  That might help a lot.

My first thought was you might want to "ignore" any existing texture maps.  Use them as reference-only, but don't import them into Painter.  Recreate your textures from scratch for maximum quality.  But I might be misunderstanding what you're doing.
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A simplified version would be, I have a bitmap with three colours on it, I want to import that and then create three fill layers in Painter. I want to then sample my imported image somehow (using an eyedropper to store a value in a swatch) getting all three colours and applying them to the three layers base colour

EDIT: Think I figured it out, you have to click and hold the eyedropper. Unfortuntely the thumbnail's still a bit on the small side but this is workable