Author Topic: Ability to remove previously baked data that is no longer being used.  (Read 712 times)

Basically, when I hit clean, I want baked project files that were previously used to be removed, or TextureSets that are no longer being used to be removed. A lot of the time, I am appending meshes with different names since there is no way to change the name of the TextureSets in Painter. So I have a lot of previously used bakes but they are still in my project window in the shelf. Clean doesn't remove them, it only removes imported files. If this is made possible, it would also make files a LOT smaller and reduce the possibility of corrupt save files. Thanks!

Thanks for mentioning: I'll suggest this to the team

Actually, I just tested by removing one of the additional maps from the TextureSet settings, and it was removed after cleaning the project.

Make sure it's not required by one of the materials or filters