Author Topic: My project appears all flat !  (Read 996 times)

Hello there,

I'm facing a problem and I wish you cld help me get through it.
I starded a project using SP 2.4 a few months ago then I installed the new 2.5 version not even a week ago and currently when I load my project the mesh appears all flat !
Hope to get some news from you to help me fix this.

Kind regards,

It looks like the shader is not loading properly. Did you modify it? Also could you please attacha a log file?
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I didn't modify anything since it used to work fine in the 2.4 version, the only thg I did was to update SP and intalled the 2.5.
Plz, following your request, Find enclosed to this post the log file.

Can you make sure the shader selected in the Viewer Settings is not tagged as "outdated" and if it is, select the new shader instead.

Yes indeed...Thx a lot,