Author Topic: Substance Painter 2.3.1 crash  (Read 777 times)

Hi, Im working with SP 2.3.1 (cant upgrade, I need to use this version of SP) and it just crashes when I bake one or more materials.

My Desktop computer:
Windows 10 Aniversary edition (Had to upgrade because Nvidia drivers)
Nvidia GTX1060 (MSI)
16Gb Ram
Intel i7 3770k

I have another desktop computer with same specs at work running windows 7 and has no problems.
I attached a log file I exported from substance painter.

Any idea ?

Thank you very much !

Hey, it's always tough to evaluate, as we fix bugs at each update.
Do you think you can temporary update (then go back to the version you want) to see if it fixes the issue?

It can give us a good idea.