Author Topic: Output Resolution changes bitmap resolution, but not the bitmaps content.  (Read 1142 times)

I wanted to turn some 4k maps into a substance for use in UE4, but encountered the following problem:

When I change the output size in the substance graph instance inside UE4 the resulting bitmap is scaled correctly but the content of the bitmap looks extremly blurry, about as sharp as a 256 texture that was just upscaled to 4 k.

The bitmaps used in the substance are all 4k, and when viewed inside of SD, setting the output size to 4k results in an output as sharp as the input bitmap.

I also testet this with substances that don´t have an Input bitmap and they recalculate their content correctly inside UE4.

This happens when using the CPU and GPU engine.

I would guess that this is caused by the UE4 plugin not correctly applying the output resolution to Input nodes.
Maybe it uses the given resolution for the output files size, but does not rescale the input bitmaps themselfs, which results in their 256x256 versions beeing dragged up to the given output resolution.

I attached a screenshot of the Graph, which is pretty much just the input bitmap + Scaling, Tiling and some color tweaking and a screenshot of the Graph and Input Node settings.


I think this is an issue with the resolution settings for the embedded bitmaps. For embedded bitmaps, you need to have the size set to absolute and set to the desired resolution. After the bitmap node, place a node and then set it to be relative to parent. This setup will allow you to resize the graph's final outputs in UE4, but it will not affect the internal resolution of the bitmap.


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