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Same issue as the previous release, my 2.4 model is PINK.
Log attached, and for the person who pointed me to the log file link, does not say what to do with it after. So again I attached the new log to this post.

"My model is pink" is not enough information to help you in any way. Thats something you really could have figuered out by yourself.

What model? Where is a screenshot of your UV layout and texture set setup?

What person are you talking about? Why didnt you post into your old thread but created a new one instead?

Thanks for the response.
I did attach pictures, but lets try this again. The model is from 2.4, it displayed fine in the 3D view before update.
The model still renders OK 2.5 and 2.5.1. Not all models prior to new build are broken.

Its a finished model, I posted it in a different forum, the person a moderator pointed me to export log link. I had the log attached already to the initial post. The comment the moderator made, just pointed out how to export the log, which was irrelevant since it was attached. The link offered no other information after it was to be exported. I replied and nothing happened with it.

Mentioning a person who commented solely about a link is not helpful on this post.

I added a image of the final finished model, its not a UV error, its a direct issue with the update(s).
Are we that short of digital ink to have it an issue to create an additional thread? :)

I found I was not getting a reply and thought this section better for a response, mainly due to the fact of the fix because of a poor release that was distributed.

Just to mention I wrote this very early this morning, cause I received an email last night about the hotfix.
I tried the new installer and I still have the same issue of this particular model.

Thanks for your comments and I hope this helps.

You say not all models have this problem.  But some?  Or only this one?
Clearly this is not something everyone is suffering from, not even those of us with GTX 1080s like yours.

First ensure your drivers are current:
373.06  (Oct 6, 2016) - What you have, per your log file
378.66  (Feb 14, 2017) - Current version for Windows 10, per Nividia driver page

If updating your drivers doesn't help, then:
The best solution might be to open a bug report, and attach (or give a link to) your file so the Support people can look at it.  Maybe they'll find a mistake in the project that you can correct, or maybe they'll verify a bug.
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Try changing the shader being used. A pink model usually means an error with the shader - so if you're using a custom one, updates may have broken it.

If you're using a default one - I noticed (after updating) my model's shaders were named 'PBR - Outdated'

Hope it helps.

Thanks, I will look into these solutions.