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I'm thinking about purchasing Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 with the Quadro M1000M 4gb version. Would be glad to hear if anyone have any experience using this tablet with Substance Painter 2.

Reason that I want to get this tablet is because I almost never can work at home. I live in Japan and I never know where I might end up working on both work and personal stuff. (Not wanting to get this just so I can hang and "look cool" at a Cafe) I'm considering other options too but even a NotePC with a Quadro card costs almost as much.

I want something mobile with a Quadro Card. So what do you guys think about this? Does it work fully with Substance Painter 2 without problems?

Would be awesome if someone with actual experience using this setup could tell some of his/her thoughts. Thank you!

Edit: Why I want Quadro is a different discussion. Reason in short: (My work needs it and I've bad experience with cards like GTX getting slow/breaking down after 1 or 2 years..)
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I wouldn't recommend it. A Quadro 1000m, despite its 4GB of vram, performs worse than an Intel HD Graphics 5500.
It is a very low end card and Painter will most likely not work or work extremely poorly.

Have these machines and graphic cards(Quadro M1000M and Intel HD Graphics 5500) been tested with substance painter 2?

From what I know the other options of Mobilestudio that use Intel Iris 550. When checking these on a daily updating GPU benchmark chart Intel Iris has little lower performance. Intel HD graphics 5500 is not on the chart. Maybe it's too old?

I don't know anymore but I need something likewise since I'm moving around alot. I just know that Quadro cards are a lot more durable and last longer before they get slower or break.

Need something likewise since I'm moving around a lot. I know what the other softwares I use in my work will work because I've seen it on videos on youtube. My only concern is how SP2 will perform. Will it be workable?

Hey my bad, you said 1000m in your first post and I assumed you were talking about the K1000M. The M1000M should be enough to work with Painter and is within the supported range of Quadro cards.

My bad too! Thank you Jeremie Noguer for clearing that for me. Now I'll keep that it is supported in my mind. Still looking at other options that are can help me work better in my moving environment.

Going to edit that typo :)

I have the MSP 13 the top one. I am using Substance in my daily work, I have no problem. So I suppose that with the MSP 16 it will work even better.
The only thing that is not working, is the 8k resolution, because of the VRAM. MSP 13 only has 128mb  :'( :'(