Author Topic: Strange shapes when baking normal map  (Read 2010 times)

I've modeled a Mosin Nagant rifle in 3DS Max 2016, shown below:

The low poly model imported just fine into SP2, as shown below:

But when I baked the normal map, strange shapes showed up on the stock of the rifle, and I'm not sure why:

I don't think the high poly model is the issue, and I've checked that the low and high poly elements have matching names, but I can't imagine what's gone wrong.


as far as i can tell, you shouldnt have big chunks of your mesh diagonally. It can mess up with the UV's and baking, thats from my personal experience and only thing that comes to mind. Also take into account the direction you place your uv's. Since the gun is has wood components, the wood texture will flow dependant of its UV's so might look skewed. I would either keep it horizontal or vertical.

Hmm.. I can try rearranging it, but I can't imagine that causing my problem. Thanks for the tip though. I'm pretty new to PBR, so I appreciate the advice.

Does the normal bake correctly on the rest of the mesh?