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Janelle Schneider

Feb 18, 10:13 PST

short deadline - unable to work - no selection preview for layers in perspective view: Hello,

I need some help figuring out what is wrong and fixing it, my deadline is the day after tomorrow for these textures and I am at a standstill because of this issue. (always on the weekend, isnt it?)
The dynamic preview in the perspective window is not working. I am unable to see what im doing to work. So when I turn layers in a selected material on or off, or try to paint or do anything, I am unable to see what is happening, its as if the preview is broken. Attached are my system specs. ANY help appreciated. thanks!


You don't mention what graphics card you are using - it's not included in the system specs image.

See this post for instructions on reporting an issue.,3063.0.html


Win 7 64 bit 32G ram
Graphics info: NVIDEA GeForce GTX 970
20174 MB avail graphics memory

I am using substance painter 2.4.1
I just bought and licensed this product on tuesday. It has worked just fine with no problems until this morning. I have been using the application successfully with all features working until this morning.

There are 2 problems happening:

1. with a solo texture stack selected, when I attempt to make any changes - whether its painting into a mask, turning off and on layers or folders in the layers stack, or painting onto the object, the perspective view does not update with any of the changes I make. For example - if I have a texture set selected, and from the layers panel turn one of the layers off - the perspective view does not visually change. I can toggle between channels in perspective view, but changes made to layers in a texture stack will not show any change in perspective or uv view.

2. in addition to the previously mentioned issues, it now seems that the textures will not export from substance painter. I even went over a tutorial video to make sure I was using correct settings, the first attempt to export only exported one texture set (which was an empty default lambert) in 2 hours and 30 minutes. The next export test I attempted has texture set to default 2048, tiff 8 bit. I am working and saving to the same partition on a drive that has terrabite of available space.
When I read the log file, there are some errors that say the materials are not being read properly - I have a subscription and downloaded a number of shared materials to get a "quick start" on this project.

some of the log errors:
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Assimp]" "Warn,  T10712: ScenePreprocessor: Found space handedness mismatch between UV space and tangent space. Some bitangents have been inverted."

[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Signal Slot]" "Alg::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for create_shader_requested(ViewerSettings*,IRayService_*,QVariantMap)"

[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Meta Data]" Some metadata are not saved "file:///C:/Users/Valued Customer/Documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf/presets/materials/sand_debris_dirty.sbsar"
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Meta Data]" Some metadata are not saved "file:///C:/Users/Valued Customer/Documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf/presets/materials/steel_corten.sbsar"
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Meta Data]" Some metadata are not saved "file:///C:/Users/Valued Customer/Documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf/presets/materials/wood_mahogany.sbsar"
[INFO] <[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Resources Manager]" "No preview engine for Object type" "DataStackLayers"

[ ERR] <Qt> "[DBG ERROR][Url Helpers]" archive:  QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Valued Customer/Documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf")
[ ERR] <Qt> "[DBG ERROR][Url Helpers]" Invalid File URL
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could the problem have to do with the "User" name having a space in it? When I custom ordered my workstation from AVA Direct, thats how it shipped. How can I change this without breaking everything linking to it?

I decided to go back to the maya scene and cleaned up the model before exporting to fxb. Then I went back to an earlier scene version of Substance painter from yesterday when it was working, and opened it to see if it would work, and it did. So I closed that scene, and started a new scene with a new fbx, and am importing the materials I had exported. And now everything is working.