Author Topic: UE4 keeps crashing on me when I load my substances folder  (Read 2823 times)

My project kept crashing at startup and I had to disable automatic map loading and reverted back to an older version of the map.
However, I have a separate folder where I store my substance files, and for whatever reason, the project crashes when I open the folder in Content Browser or if a scroll up and down. I tried with different folders to check if they crashed too, but it seems it only happens with my Substances folder.
Does anyone else have the same problem? is there a solution to this? I'm using several substances for my assets and it is difficult to make progress.


Do you have more information about it (UE4 version you use, number of materials you have in your folder)?

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Hello Pixelrave,

There is a known crash issue occurring that we are working on reproducing and fixing. As for the content browser folder, I have encountered this issue as well. If you press the Save All button within the content browser before opening the folder, it should solve this issue. This is a temporary workaround and we are working on a fix for each of these issues. We will have an update released as soon as possible! =D

Thank you so much for taking the time to report this!
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Hello Gaetan and Dan,

I am using version 4.14.13 and about 12 substance source materials.

Last night I finally could work on my project without issues, I noticed two things:

-It crashed more often when the content window was maximized (I have it open on a separate monitor), compared to just docked under the viewport (default layout).

-I moved MAT and INST files to a different folder and left all of the texture instances in their respective folders. I did so I could just open fewer substance files. By doing so, Unreal wasn't crashing as quickly as before, but it kept crashing at random times.

Dan, like you suggested, I figured that every time I made a folder change on my Substances, I clicked on Save All just in case I magically fixed something. I also did move substances one by one in case on of them was the culprit of the crashing, but fortunately it hasn't crashed again so I am guessing it's not an issue with any of the substances. I think the Save All might have done the trick.

I will keep reporting back if it crashes again.

Thank You!