Author Topic: Transparent areas still emit a reflection in Substance Designer 3D view  (Read 1469 times)

I'm still relatively new to Substance Designer and am currently working on understanding how to use it as a rendering tool. Things were going along fine until I got to the plants in my scene. I'm getting reflection (and only reflection) on my areas of zero opacity. These non-opaque areas have been designated as 100% rough, and they're still reflecting. I also poked around in the 3D view camera and other sections but couldn't find an answer. What am I doing wrong? that I look at it again, it looks like more of some kind of transparency sorting issue.
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Hi Opolo,

Which version of Designer do you use ?
Did you define an opacity output ? (see picture below)
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Hi Celine;

I'm using 5.6.1. And yes, I did define opacity output. There are no gray areas in the opacity map. Where the opacity is at 100% everything seems to be sorting fine. Where the opacity is set at 0% it seems to be cutting through any meshes between itself and the background (which is why initially I thought it was reflection).
Does SD have a means of sorting transparency order in the camera?

After few tests I found what's wrong.
You have several different objects and materials in your scene and the shader is not designed to manage this if you use opacity.
So that's why you see the environnement in your alpha.
But you won't have problems if you switch the renderer to Iray !
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Thanks! I shall try that!