Author Topic: Substance UE4 PS4 rendering issue  (Read 2206 times)


Since Substance UE4.14.0.19 HotFix Plugin we have some difference of rendering between PC and PS4 as show in the following screen captures.

Note that this is the same result with Substance UE4.14.0.19 Plugin (without HotFix).
Note that this is the same result after a full re-compiled project.
Note that this is the same result after a full re-cooked project.

Editor preview (valid):

PC (valid):

PS4 (corrupt):

Tell me if you need more from our side.


Could you please try with the CPU Substance engine on the PC to check if you see the same problem ? This may be due to differences in numerical precision between the CPU and GPU engines.

Sorry, I did not mentioned that but the settings was already in CPU Engine mode.

So I tried with GPU Engine mode with the same result ; Editor and PC are valid, PS4 is corrupt.


would it be possible to email the substances or project to , so we can test on our end as well? Thanks !


The Substance Plugin PS4 Second Hotfix corrects the issues we had with our Substance materials on PS4.
Thanks a lot to the team.

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