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I've been using Substance painter at home for personal projects but have recently been exploring if it would work for my professional projects. Currently I am working on super high resolution photogrammetry capture of objects that will eventually be fabricated at 7-14 times bigger than the original scans. Because of this we are capturing crazy high details in form and color using a variety of methods.

I've been exploring substance painter to see if it would be useful to us or not and have run into a few problems, questions, and things I wish existed.

1. I've been running into issues with mesh size and performance in substance painter. In particular I am getting very laggy brush response with higher resolution models. I can decimate to a much smaller size and get a model that works smoothly but in general a model from 200K and up makes the brush very laggy. My GPU is a K6000 with 12 GB of Ram. Is this normal and to be expected in general?

2. Sometimes my textures glitch and embed weird patterns into my layers. I have no idea why this happens but I've attached a file so you can see what I mean and will attach a log from after one of these glitches happened. When this occurs I have to restart the program and lose any unsaved work.

3. Some pieces I work on are pretty complex and have a ton of under cuts or places I can not easily reach. In Zbrush I can hide parts of the mesh and work on hard to reach areas but in SP there deosn't seem to be anyway to do this. Am I missing something or is this just not a feature?

4. Sometimes my initial color maps are around 16k and I wanted to use SP to build complex masks for various colors and areas. When I send my layers from SP to photoshop they come in a 4k and I have to re-scale them. Is there anyway to output to photoshop at a higher resolution?

5. I would love to have the ability to add other effects besides just levels. Like, saturation (which is not a post effect) and things like that.

more glitch
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These look like driver issues. What version of the driver are you downloading form  the NVidia website? They have several versions for each build number.

I'm using version 376.33 but I've had this issue with earlier version of the Quadro drivers too. If that is what is causing it.