Author Topic: Crash during material load?  (Read 469 times)

I am having some extreme issues with Substance Painter as of late. I cant seem to pin down what the problem is, much less fix it, so Im posting to see where Im going wrong.

I have a series of assets that need to be generated using the same materials. I created materials for one asset. This file loads perfectly, and exports just fine. I saved all the materials from this asset as smart materials.

The idea was to simply open up new assets and use the smart materials from the previous asset, bingo youre already half done! Except all new files crash within minutes of loading. You can practically set your watch to it.

I have tried setting the TdrDdiDelay  and TdrDelay to 60, 120, 240 seconds, even disabling entirely to give the program time to compute... whatever it is computing. There is no change, the crash happens in the same amount of time as before I reset the time delay. Yes, I have restarted my machine after every edit to the TdrDdiDelay  and TdrDelay.

A last observation(s). The software opens just fine and is stable so long as I do nothing. Assets load just fine and stay stable, even map baking and exporting work fine, so long as I dont add materials. Crashes seem to happen when I start digging for materials and most materials have the circular icon (before the preview appears).

Any ideas? My only theory is that substance is crashing trying to generate previews for materials, but I have no idea how to begin to fix it...


Could you please post a logfile?
Did you file a crash report?