Author Topic: SD 3.2 on Linux?  (Read 1548 times)


I was wondering how to get SD 3.2 running on Linux.  According to the Steam Greenlight page here: this should be possible, however, I am having no luck.  I have gotten all my other tools to run in linux using wine/crossover etc except for SD, and I would really like to get that running too.  Is it possible or is the fact that Linux is listed as a target OS on the Steam Greenlight page, a misprint?  If it is possible, should I be using wine or are there 64bit native binaries somewhere?  Can someone point me in the right direction?



We are working on a Linux version. We hope to release it soon.

Head of Product Management

Thanks, that is excellent news.  But, does that mean it isn't really possible at the moment?  If it's not, I'll stop banging my head against this problem and just use it from a windows partition until the linux version is released.  I was just thinking someone might have got it patched together and working for current versions and could give some insight.