Author Topic: possiblity of higher resolution then 2048px  (Read 3196 times)


For most practical uses, 2048 is too small for me. Would it be possible to increase resolution? Say 4 and 8k? Or even better, custom size would be the best option. Would it be possible?
Thanks for an answer

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This is on our list, 4k resolution will be available eventually.


ah, great. good to know. looking forward to it :)

i saw topic about this dating from march, and this one dating from may,
is this gonna be solved any time soon ?
i guess 2k for gaming is kinda ok but for production even 4k is kinda low.


I don't use painter actually because of the 2048px maxi, I need more for my work.
Please do the 4K as soon as possible !

tbh, since idea behind all this is to have all materials on one set of textures you need even more uv space then regulary so imo 4k would be standard (default) and 8k or more could be optional

4k with UDIM texture is enough I think, depending on what we do.

It is low, definitely needs increased, produces jagged edges as if there's no anti-aliasing.
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