Author Topic: Return to previous shelf?  (Read 2097 times)

Is there a way to configure Substance Painter to return to previous shelf? the one with horizontal tabs with Alphas, Textures, Tools etc

Hahahaha, I find it funny that everyone begged for Allego to re-design the shelf system for so long, and here you are asking to go back to the old one :P

Anyway, if you create a sub-shelf from a category, you can dock it anywhere you like, which means you can dock them side-by-side like the old shelf system.

Yes hehe, well this happens everywhere, you see people begging for change something, and maybe they seem a lot of people but sometimes are only a 5% of total users (let's say 80 ppl), the other 95% don't say anything because they are happy like it is. I don't affirm this is whats happening here, but I see it happens a lot of times.

Yes thanks for the info about creating subshelfs, I've already tried it, but the tabs now locks to the shelf lower border, you can see the difference on image.

It seems there is no way to have tabs at top of shelf.

I work on a cintiq 22HD, and I hate to go constantly to borders (except top border) or use tiny scrollbars, the good thing would be to have the tabs inside the shelf title/bar as before.
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Well, if you want the sub menu buttons closer to the center of viewport. Then dock everything at the top portion of the viewport hahah.

Yeah thanks, but I finally got accustomed on the new shelf without subshelf hehe :D