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I've been wanting to use substance painter for a while now but because of work I've not managed to find the time. I've done a lot of searching on hi-res workflows for 3dsmax/zbrush > substance painter but cannot find a simple explanation on how to do this. I can only find high > low poly workflow baking normals etc and then texturing in substance painter.

I basically need to know what the work flow would be if I created a mesh in zbrush or 3dsmax and then imported it into substance painter. Can substance painter handle many polys from zbrush ? Will I be able to create wear/damage maps from hi-res geometry only that I can use on the hi-res geo ?

Any help or links to help would really be appreciated as I would really like to use SP for some future projects. Thanks.
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Yes, Painter can handle a lot of polygons (10M+).
As long as your high poly mesh has UVs, you can import it in Painter and bake all the maps needed apart from the normal map that you won't need, and all the wear masks generator will work fine as they are mostly based on Curvature, AO, etc. and not the normal map.

Hi, otherwise there was good section of Wes's tutorials called "Painter for beginners- Model preparation". It was done on Maya, but it suits any other 3D package.

Regarding performances (relevant with big meshes), I suggest reading this :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thanks. I'll check out the tips and the link. Hopefully I will be able to get into this application. It does look very good.