Author Topic: 3 side triangle of wireframe  (Read 2381 times)

When I finished my mesh with four side square of low polgyon wireframe and baked texture maps in Topogun. I also finished UV Map for my mesh in Maya before that.  Next, I have switched them to 0.5.0 version of SP for painting texture map on my mesh then saved it. Later, I loaded up my mesh and texture again when 3 side triangle of wireframe appeared instead of four side square of wireframe. I couldn't use selection to change it to four side wireframe so it look like not work or bug problem.

The error message won't let me to report bugs through SP so I report it here online instead of it.

I reported other bug through 0.5.0 version of SP about blank mesh in wireframe in lower left side of UV map in 2D view so I hope you allegorithmich staffs took a look at it for fix in the next new build

Screenshot below.
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