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I'm still pretty new to designer but starting to create some nice tiled textures now. I'm trying to figure out a good way to showcase such textures? I've looked at how NaughtyDog are showcasing their Uncharted4 Substances and see that they switch between planes and cylinders followed by separated maps. What I'm especially interested in is how they render them? surely not a print screen? Are there any particular programs/tools that artists use to ensure a high quality render?


I hope someone can clarify this, because I don't know whether this works with substances, but a lot of people and studios use Marmoset Toolbag for previewing their finished models/shaders. I've personally used MT for a project before and it's pretty cool as well as very easy to use. I haven't looked into any workflows between SD and MT, but maybe someone can expand on this?

Yeah, Marmoset is the best option for this. It supports Substances properly, so you can bring in your exported sbsar, adjust it's exposed parameters and have all the appropriate shader options available. It does not provide primitive objects so you will need to create those yourself in a modelling package.

Edit: You can use the primitives supplied with Substance Designer. These are located in
C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\5\resources\view3d\shapes
Found this out in another thread, thanks Nicolas!
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You can download the meshes and setup that Rogelio used for his presentation on his gumroad page:

He used Marmoset Toolbag for it and yes it has a Substance plugin that you can use.

Great to know Marmoset's compatible :) Was hoping I could use it to show off some substances in the future if I get good enough at them haha!  ;D

Thanks for the replies everyone, quite a coincidence that someone at ND has released the same setup that I was inspired by. I have tried MT a couple of times, trial finished quite some time ago so will have to look into buying it. I wish they did something similar to what Substance does, i.e pay a monthly subscription that eventually goes towards the full product. Isn't MT3 out soon? would hate to buy it just before that launches.