Author Topic: Substance Painter vs Designer? Few questions  (Read 13527 times)

Hey guys! I'm looking to find a tool that will massively speed up my workflow when creating hand-painted diffuse textures.

I noticed that Substance Designer also allows you to paint in 3D.
If that is the case, what is the difference between the two packages?

Why should I choose one over the other? I'm looking for something that works well with Photoshop.

I need to hand-paint foliage assets on medium to low-poly objects... would either of these two packages work well for this type of work?

Can I add a light in the scene and bake it into the texture?

Thank you!
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No, designer do not let you paintings  in 3d.. But it does let you view in 3d view..
If you using photoshop and painting in 2d and create your own material then designer are for you.

If you do not want to learn and create your own material but buy .sbsar... Just painter in 3d.. Then painter are for you.

If you want to create your own material AND paint it in 3d.. Then both of those software are for you.

Checkout this video of using SD and SP and i`m sure one you see this you wont hesitate to buy both packages.
And remember Sp is still in Beta, i`m sure it still has a long way to go.,1272.0.html

Oh, wrong link, lol

Here you go,