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Hey guys !

I just wondered if the Student License is restricted in any way. Are you allowed to use it to make commercial apps/games etc. ?
If it is not restricted ... Holy guacamole ... I was too penny-pinching to pull the trigger yet :)

Thank you !


You can use the license for commercial work, as long as you are still a student while using the license, and that you are doing it on your personal computer.
So if you want to create a game, feel free :)

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[...] and that you are doing it on your personal computer.


I have 2 questions regarding the student licenses.
Question 1: I work on two PCs: Nr. 1 is the one I personally own, nr. 2 is the one at my school; my personal work space. Am I understanding this correctly that I am only allowed to use my student version of Substances at my own PC at home?

Question 2: If I had - hypothetically - two PCs at home, a desktop and a laptop, for example, am I allowed to use the aforementioned license on both of them or only on one of them?

Thank you very much in advance!  :)

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Julius Weber

From the General Eula:   2.2.4   Restriction for Substance Designer Student License If You are a student/teacher enrolled with an accredited educational Institution You may request from Allegorithmic to be granted a personal Student License. Any request for a Student License must be accompanied by a copy of Your valid student ID which shall be communicated to Allegorithmic at the time the request for Your Student License is made. Only one (1) Student License shall be granted per student per year for Use of the Software or Copyright Work solely from home and not from Your educational institution.

So no you cant use it at your school, I'm afraid.(They would have to purchase licenses for their institution)

@Nicolas Thank you very much !

Yes that's right: you can't use it on your pc at school.
But you can install it on your 2 personal computer at home, as long as they both belong to you and that you are the software on only one at a time.

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Thanks to both of you for the fast and helpful replies!
It's pretty awesome nonetheless that I can use it on my Laptop *and* my Desktop. I think my school actually wanted to get licenses for the next semester too; or so were the rumors.^^

Cheers and thx,

Julius Weber


All apologies in advance, but we actually don't allow commercial work with the student license. There was some miscommunication internally about it, sorry for the mistake.
It was unclear in the EULA and we corrected it.

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:( :( :(  :-[ :-\ :'( I was so happy about the news .... Well... You guys are awesome nevertheless

Photoshop here we go again  ;)

You can use the Indie license for $19.90 per month if you have any commercial work to do :)
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@Nicolas i know, substance live is actually pretty cheap for professional software.
But then again, i don't know how much money or if I will make any money at all with it. That's why I just want to buy substance live when I earned it and I know I am capable in what I am doing even without modern texturing software.
That's why I love the pricing of Unity -- free unless you are earning >100k.
But I am confident that I'll sooner or later join the Allegorithmic family ;D

Hey there :)

I have a very similar question regarding the student license: I am currently working on a game using Unity3D and would like to make my project open source on GitHub, is that allowed?
I tried to find out in the EULA, but I'm afraid my English isn't good enough to really understand everything written there.

Thank you!
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If your project is open source and you will not make any money off of it, then yes, you can use it while you are still a student.

That's awesome, thank you very much, Jeremie! :)

Two more things though (should have thought about these in the first place, sorry) – do i have to take the project off GitHub, when I'm not a student anymore? And could I use the open source project to take part in a student competition where I might win a trip to a conference? Or would that count as similar profit to earning money with it?

Thank you very much for your help!

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You can leave the project on GitHub but will have to get a regular license to keep working on it.
Contests are fine as long as the prizes are not cash.


I was wondering can I make content with my student version and in the future upgrade to a professional license. And use the content previously made for commercial use?

Thanks   :D