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Thank you to Jeremie and Nicolas for picking this up. The issue is very unfortunate for me, comes at a moment where I need to do a lot of textures for two projects...

Now, before rolling back to SP2.1, I did another test run in an attempt to control all variables.
I used a project mesh which I had successfully finished working upon previously in SP2.1, so to make sure it is not a problem of the mesh.
I just only loaded the mesh as a new project, I did not yet even bake any textures, just the mesh loaded.

While the mouse cursor works normal everywhere on the screen (including all SP2.2 Tabs apart from the 3D view), as soon as I enter the area of the 3D view, the cursor gets stuck and is only updated every 5 to 10 seconds. Just only hovering, not even painting.

In the background, all 8 cores of my CPU are busy at around 35%, and the CPU uses 9GB of its RAM (there is no other application running at this time).
The GPU is also busy, between 20 and 50%, and it has used all of the GPU RAM with only 30MB (!!!) remaining.

Don't know what CPU and GPU are doing in the background to this amount of workload and memory usage, because there is no task for them whatsoever, except moving my hovering mouse cursor from A to B.

As soon as I manage to get the mouse cursor outside the 3D view, it is immediately recovered and very smooth and working well, even if it is still hovering over any SP Tab. But moving (hovering) inside the 3D viewport again, it is immediately stuck again, updating only every 5 to 10 seconds, kind of 'jaggy'.

Im going to roll back to SP2.1 a little later (have some business outside, first). I kept the installer for SP2.1 backed up anyway, so as long as you guys have not changed anything on this, I prefer using this one which worked well for me, instead of downloading it again? And hopefully I can roll back by just installing 2.1 over 2.2, or will it refuse and I need to first completely uninstall and then re-install? Because I'm scared what will happen to my installed materials and mood pack and screen settings?

I have now rolled back to SP2.1.1.1251 (not build 1212, which Jeremie had suggested), because this was the latest version which had worked well for me (only the issue with plugin windows must not be undocked and moved, but I can live with that).

I tried just starting the older installer, and good enough it didn't complain about a 'newer version already installed', instead it did the roll-back without hesitation.

Now, in SP the issues from the 2.2 version no longer exist. At least I can resume work now.

I think this makes it very clear, that the problems I had have their roots in some change in Substance Painter from version to version 2.2?

Now Substance Painter is complaining on every startup that there is a newer version existing and if I want to update... I hope there will be another update which I can try then again.

Thanks for your help, we are going to investigate on that issue.
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We tried on 2 GTX 780 with recent drivers ( and and we didn't manage to reproduce the issues :/

Can you confirm if your drivers are up to date, as well as your Windows? (service pack, etc.)
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NVIDIA driver is 368.39  from June 7th (latest would be 368.81, I'm delaying the latest update here because I first need to finalize those two projects in progress. NVIDIA update once killed my OS and forced me to roll back to a restore point from months ago, this is why I have become careful about updates from NVIDIA, I only do it when there is no urgent task in the pipeline).

The rest of my OS is up to date, updates are being installed automatically in the background (Win 8.1)
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Just to make sure: can you confirm that the post effects (Yebis) are disabled?

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Honestly I don't even know what this post effects (Yebis) is. So I started SP in order to search for it, and guess what? Substance Painter shut down after like 10 or 15 seconds without giving any message or warning.
On next attempt is showed the crash report window, which I filled then it started again. I left it alone entirely while it still showed the welcome window, not touching mouse or keyboard at all, and again it crashed after around 10 or 15 seconds without any message or comment.
I tried this 5 times, it always crashed after this amount of time, no matter whether or not I closed the welcome window, opened the file dialog for a new project or whatever I did. It seems time related, 10 or 15 seconds.

I then removed the two plugins (from Substance Share, 'incremental saving' and 'export masks') from the plugin folder, just to make sure the crashes are not related to this. But removing the plugins didn't change anything, SP constantly crashes now... What is wrong? After rolling back I'm now still on version

Right now I started it again in order to read the build number, I managed to navigate to the 'about window' and read it, so basically the functionallity was there, but after the usual time of 10 to 15 seconds it crashed again, while I was still reading the 'about' window... Can this be related to the entry which I created some days earlier, according to the your instructions about the 'timeout' for a non responding graphic card, in an attempt to make 1.2 running? Damn.

Could you try launching Subtance Painter in Compatibility mode (in the options of the shortcut)?

I selected compatibility mode for Windows 8 (I'm on Windows 8.1 though), and it started again. As it didn't crash after the first 20 seconds, I loaded a small mesh, and everything seemed fine. However, after a timespan longer than before (around one minute or so) it crashed again when I did nothing at all.

I have in the meantime also updated my NVIDIA driver to the latest version, just to make sure, but this hasn't helped, too.

I tried to attach the log and DxDiag files, but this sent me to an error page, I can just only post the reply, but not attach the two files.

I tried it again twice. The difference is significant, the time delay before it crashes is now about one minute as compared to 10 to 15 seconds before I activated the compatibility mode.

After the problems with 2.2. I had followed the instructions which were mentioned in the log file, about the timeout thing, using regedit. I had to create the entries TdrDdiDelay and TdrDelay, and I set them to 60 seconds (decimal) like it was suggested by you. Can this be related to the problem I'm having now? Should I just remove the entries again, because this version 2.1 of Substance Painter used to work without problems WITHOUT those entires prior to updating to 2.2?

Another funny thing I realize is that it no longer tells me about a newer version existing and whether or not I want to update. Shouldn't it ask? It used to ask me upon every startup after I had rolled back to 2.1.1. ?

Yes you can delete these registry entries, your issue doesn't seem to be a TDR problem.

I have removed the registry entires.

Substance Painter crashed again, after exactly 2 min 15 sec this time handling a small test mesh, on another trial (while I was just watching the 'Welcome to Substance Painter' window) after 2 min 20 sec.

The CPU showed activity of all 8 cores around 15%, while the GPU meter showed no activity (0% to 2% activity).

Ok, let's try to figure this out!

Could you please download Process Explorer, open the exe, choose File>Save and send me the resulting file via private message?
This way we may be able to see  if another process on your computer is messing with Painter.

Thank you!

 has any effort been made concerning the 760 card issues we both had yet? I still get really boggy slow issues in 2.2 that i didnt get with 2.1. 

Another bug im noticing.....if i bake in 2k and my viewport is set to 1k.....upscaling doesnt seem to just sticks at 1k.