Author Topic: DDS and Output Path  (Read 1404 times)

Hi There,

Been a user of Substance Designer for a year plus now and finally took the plunge and bought Painter... have to say it's revolutionized my workflow overnight, especially for adding greeble details to 3D objects across all channels.  I did in an hour last night what would have taken me a day before, and for a better overall result.

Anyway, two things jumped to mind..

1) This also goes for Substance Designer; plenty of the games I mod for use a DDS format with Mipmaps for textures.  From Designer I could produce DDS outputs but without the required mipmaps etc so it wasn't usable for me.  This adds an annoying extra step after every export where all (sometimes dozens) of outputs would need to be opened in additional software and converted.  The ability to output DDS files with all the usual options would be a big help.

2) The output system is superb for building the custom texture formats on a per channel basis, but again I'm finding an extra step in my workflow.  My working folder is often very different from where the final location of the textures will be, for example the working folder for the mod tends to be on my cloud storage whereas the necessary location for the mod is often buried away in User/AppData etc.  The output to the working folder is often necessary for use in Blender/Maya and is of course also where the Painter project is located.  Being able to output to more than one location in one click, including an absolute directory would be another superb quality of life addition.