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We'd prefer maintaining everything "in house", but thanks for the pointers.

Drivers are not the only issue. Actually, porting the software is not really the issue : as noted by Nicolas, we have working in-house builds of Designer (which work on a few different machines and distribution we tested). We have working versions of the OpenGL engine build for Linux which we have been shipping for several years now, for integrations in third-party tools running in Linux.
The problems mostly come with deployment on different distributions (packaging, different install paths, keeping "dependency hell" in check, configuring for different window managers that intercept different keyboard shortcuts, so on and so forth). And even more importantely, adding a third platform to maintain would increase our maintenance costs significantely because it will bring a brand new set of bugs to check for before release and to test and fix after release. So more programmers and testers time spent, it will require adding new machines to our build and test farms, etc.

In short: when it happens, we'll probably only support one distribution (it does not mean it necessarily won't work on the others, but we won't make sure it works). At this point RedHat/CentOS seems a likely candidate as it is what most studio use and what most third-party software we're integrated with is targetting. But it won't happen until we have the infrastructure and manpower necessary to withstand the additional maintenance effort.

Thanks Cyrille for your update. In my humble opinion, for those of us who really want to see Substance tools coming to linux, the supported distribution(s) is not really a roadblock.

I understand that adding a new supported OS may represent more work and resources involved, but I do think it's worth it. It would be a shame to deprive the linux community from such an awesome set of tools ! Keep up the good work  ;)

If I were developing Substance for Linux I would probably focus on linking the Steam Runtime as well as running well on RHEL. The vast majority of distros support Steam games well and you can piggyback on that to avoid many distro-specific problems.

If you need to have really good drawing tablet support you should contact Boudewjin Rempt who guides development of Krita. His project does a really good job of supporting all sorts of exotic tablets under Linux and he can point you in the right direction if you want to have lots of tablets working under Linux.

I apologize if this question was answered already, but if I buy Substance products (Indie pack, to be specific) right now, will I be able to use Linux version of them when they get released?

Yes. When you purchase a product or when you are a Substance Live subscriber you get access to it for all supported platforms. If you get say SD5 then you'll get Windows and Mac versions of the program as they are as of now the only supported platforms. I reckon this will be the same when the Linux port eventually rolls out.

is it possible to get beta of linux version? Substance tools only one thing why I use windows at this moment, want to get back to Ubuntu

Year and a half passed guys. Is this really all that complex to port Substance to Linux  :o
Give us something, any beta would help to see the advance and try to give you a hand with testing
Second year in a row asking Santa for this software to be available on my PC  ;D
p/s already have the license, but tired of switching from lin back to win every time to use it

It is hard actually  ;)
But the good news is, we have people working on it right now.

I personally do not understand why packaging should be a problem.

Packaging is usually done by the distributions themselves and the developers are *not* in charge of it (although everyone is happy if they help or do it anyway).

If you just provide a tar archive with the usual directory-structure like:
etc. there's no problem to package it for other distros.

Just to take an example:
Unity3d engine had a beta for Linux and within an hour I have made a complete script to package it on ArchLinux (which is 'far away' from Ubuntu, which they are targeting).
And it works. It works really fine actually.

From a packager's/maintainer's perspective, please just provide this info and we are all glad:
- What libs you need / dynamically link against
- What paths are expected (probably not needed)
- the distro-agnostic tar archive. One can also extract the rpm, but former way is nicer.

That's all we need ;-)

Any news about linux version of Substance Painter ? We have end of February 2016 and I'm still waiting :). Now I have Vista 64 Ultimate and Substance Painter don't work (I know sys. req. for Substance - minimum win7) and I don't want buy win7. Unreal Engine 4, Blender and tons great software work under linux. Now we wait only for Substance. Any chance for Substance Painter for linux in Spring time ?
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No ETA, but what I can say is that it is still something we want to make... one day...
But we don't want to make it before Leonardo Di Caprio win an Oscar :)

Leo WIN the OSCAR !!!
Now You can release Substance for linux  :D

Ok now our hands are free ;)