Author Topic: Exam!! Help.. My colormap don't look right..?  (Read 1430 times)

So I'm working on my Exam. I have bin used Substance Paint but now i'm running into a problem.
Im not getting the color map right.. Im kinda new in Substance Painter, so it is probably a stupid mistake.
Im using Maya and Pixar Renderman.

Hope someone know what the problem is :)

Hi, by looking at your Substance Painter document, it seems you don't have a "Fill layer" in your background.
It means that if you export in a format that handle alpha (png, tga), you'll get a black color where there is "nothing". Be sure to create a fill layer at the bottom of your stack in order to get something correct,  otherwise you'll just get the grey value in SP viewport.
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Gaetan Lassagne>> First of all A big Thank you! It was the problem, and a rookie mistake from my part.
Also I posted it in a wrong thread so sorry for that. Wish you a great day :)