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As the title says, I would like to trigger multiple parameters of my substance at once.

I have a Paint01 material, which is beeing material blended inside another graph, the exposed parameters of Paint01 are:


Now I would like to chain them together, so that I can:

a) use one slider, that triggers all 3 parameters
b) adjust the balancing of those parameters inside the function (like clamping the values)

Here is a link to my substance file:

the Paint01 Material is used inside another Graph (EB02) to create a template for a Paintwear Material, that I will use on many different geometries inside Unity - that´s why EB02 material has two image input nodes.

I followed the "Substance Designer #6 - Dynamic functions and controls", but I was not able to find out, how to apply this workflow to my task...

I am really curious about this thing, as it will help me to tie together and balance certain exposed values!

thanks in advance!
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ok, this helped me one step further:

I create an input variable, name it i.e. "Dirtiness"

then, for each parameter, that I want to be triggered by the "Dirtiness"-variable, I create a function, that will use that "Dirtiness"-variable as a "get float"

with a float node, I can set the multiplication value i.e. to 0.3 by using a multiplication operator and then set this as output for each dirt parameter

wow, I love this tool

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