Author Topic: Should SP2 be unusably slow on this machine?  (Read 1452 times)

Hi there, I'll get the machine specs out the way first:

AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00GHz
16GB ram
Windows 10
GeForce GTX 960

This is my work PC, but SP2 feels absolutely crippled on it. It takes a matter of minutes from opening a project to actually being able to interact with the program, similarly, applying smart materials or switching between layers can take upwards of 60 seconds for the program to become responsive again, and painting is also super laggy.

I realise that the video card isn't the best but I've seen the program run better on the 600-series equivalent. Any help would be much appreciated!

I've attached a log file if that's of any use too.

I use a computer with identical specs and while I experience some lag here and there, it is nowhere near as bad as what you are experiencing. If you paint on a mesh with a reasonable amount of polys, use 2k resolution for your texture sets and do not run other 3d tools or games in the background, painting should be butter-smooth (Maybe with the exception of particle brushes).

Some ideas from the top of my head of what could be the cause:
- Too much stuff in the shelf: At one point I tried to put all the textures image files on my hard disk into SP2's shelf (~20-30GB), which caused horrible performance because SP was indexing and thumbnail-generating in the background. Should be fine if you give SP some time to generate the thumbnails, though, I guess.

- Win 10's "Windows Defender": While I did not experience this with SP, I had some trouble with other software in Win 10, where Windows Defender caused horrible performance issues. It's pretty random who has problems with which software, so I thought I'd mention it. You could try to exclude your SP folders(including your shelf locations) from Defender's search.

- Other Anti-Virus software

- GPU drivers: There was a thread somewhere here in the forum about a particular version of the nVidia drivers, which did not play nice with SP. I think it was an IRAY issue though.

- Temperature problems of the GPU. Are other 3d-accelerated apps running fine?

These are all very specific issues, so maybe this isn't of much help, but who knows

(btw. is your user name really "temp" on this computer or is this a mistake in the log file? "[INFO] <Qt> "[DBG INFO][Shelf agent]" Resources crawling duration: 12789 ms for:  "C:/Users/temp/Documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf")

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