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I have a friend who is thinking of getting Substance painter for making Mesh outfits for Second Life she was trying to use the red aluminum smart texture, she saw the 2D window and thought that would be perfect, however she found the lighting in the 2D window was different from the Lighting in the 3D window.. infact it seemed the front of the dress she was using was to bright the lighting just wasn't the same ... is there a way to change the lighting in the 2D window so that it shows what the 3D window does? because it is the UVmap textured with the shine that matters to her

Sorry for the delay.
The lighting in the 2D view is different because it's not physically possible to represent it as in the 3D view. The lighting is computed from a specific point of view in the 3D view. The 2D view allow to see both the front and the back of this point of view, therefore making it unrealistic in a certain way. That's why you get a difference.

I would suggest using our Baked Lighting Material/Filter instead, see :
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