Author Topic: Question about channels  (Read 1545 times)

I notice that the channels in the TextureSet Settings have different colourspaces(?) e.g Base colour  = SRGB8, Mettalicity = L8.
I've not come across some of these before (L8. L16F etc.). Could someone give me an idea of when these should be changed please? I want to export .jpeg textures for use in Daz Studio so was wondering if I need to change any of these. Is there any documentation on this anywhere, I couldn't find any.

You probably don't want to change these. L is for linear and greyscale values should most of the time be set as Linear. Do you have options in Daz to switch the sRGB on and off on each texture?

Thanks for the info. There's no such option I've seen in Daz Studio.