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Hello guys!
Recently I'm noticing those strange quads/rhombus in the shading of the normal maps. This not happen with a raw baked normal map, I mean, if you only get the normal map from baking with the high mesh, but then I apply some shapes and draws with alpha brushes in a heigh layer, then I export the new normal map to use it withouth the heigh layer and... those quads appear. I have exported in jpg, png and targa, and those quads apperar always... what's happening here?

Thanks in advance!


I have noticed something stranger:

As you can see, in this other model appear strange lines too caused by the normal map, and the moment I put a procedural texture... the tiled patron follow those lines!! The normal map it's perfectly fine, and I don't see those lines in the image, only when I import to substance and apply to the model...
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Hey franciscored7,

I am sure that this has to do with the bit depth per channel. The normal map should always be computed with at least 16 bits per colour channel.
Depending on the rendering software you use you need to choose the right file format accordingly.
For example: Toolbag 2 can't read 16 bit PNG files, so you need to use Tif files instead.

Just for your interest, by the way: Please, never use JPG again in your life. Never. :)

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Hi Fabian.F, thanks for you answer. I have been trying with a new model and definetly was that! Thanks a lot!

But now happen something stranger. It looks clean in substance but in unity looks like the other pictures.

It's  the same png in both images and shows exactly the same problem, but only here. But I suppose this is a Unity matter now... maybe unity compress the image to 8 bit again? I will be looking information about. Thanks again! You have given me some ideas whats happening here.
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