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Hi, I'm looking for a little help...Does anyone know of a proper workflow for taking a semi transparent material such as frosted glass from substance painter into marmoset?? every time I've tried the material always imports as completely opaic... any suggestions would be great

When I export my mesh from Maya I assign a material with a name on it so that it will show in the texture set list but it doesn't seem to be working for me when I import the mesh into Substance painter it only displays the UDIM name I.E 1001, 1002 etc etc I can't import an ID map it would seem substance painter isn't importing the material at all, I'am i missing something really simple or is it a bug???? cheers if anyone can help..

I'am trying to get a color ID map from Maya into substance painter but with no success if some one could give me a workflow for it that would be great, does the map need to be baked in Maya or is it ok to just assign colors to the materials if so then i haven't been able to get it to work using that method, any help would be greatly appreciated.. cheers

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