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The stitching is generally a separate procedure - either alpha or tool. Check search below for more info ...

The environments are HDRIs - they are your lighting in the PBR world of Substance Painter. You can rotate the light with Shift+Drag Right Mouse. Even if you don't render with Painter the environments are there to provide realistic lighting for your textures.

Make sure it's not on another texture set. SP creates texture sets per material assigned to mesh. If you assigned a different material to the planks they will show up as another texture set in the list - those UVs will be missing from the texture set you are viewing by default. Click your Texture Set List button and see what's there.

Looks like your render is limited to 10 seconds - try giving it a bit more time and see if it clears up.

Source points will carry over month to month with an active subscription. :) Unused points will stay on your account even when subscription is not active.

Check this thread -,28929.msg112313.html

A month is a long time not to either contact Allegorithmic support or search the forums. :/

Somewhat ... go to your profile (icon of bust next to "Posts") - Click on Modify Profile tab then "Notifications" - at the bottom of that page you can see your current notifications (followed posts).

Hope that helps. :)

All covered  in mega-thread here -,27572.0.html

Guaranteed is a strong word - but I believe they fully intend on honoring all attempts at a perpetual at this point.

We'll have to get one of the Allegorithmic guys to confirm but I don't think your machine, specifically your video specs, are up to the task.

I had no problem with your obj - import, bake and paint all were good to go.

Found a couple of threads on this but nothing conclusive. Would help to attach a log file and the obj if you can.,22451.0.html

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The cube imported and worked fine here. Have you tried pressing "F" to center the  mesh after importing  - maybe it's there but you are not seeing it?


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