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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - futuristic taxi
 on: February 12, 2019, 12:18:40 am 

here you can see the first result I've made completely by myself in Substance. :)

Feel free to post your opinion or tipps for me to improve the style of the materials and textures.
Especially the back is a part I'm not happy with. In the modelling I was probably a bit to simplistic
and I tried to correct that in the texturing to make it look less cartoonish. I already tried to work
with the ambient occlusion channel to visually combine the pieces more into each other ...

What do you think?


probably a very noobish question but:
When I export my maps in Substance with the Arnold 5 preset for Maya,
I've noticed that the heightmap seems to be baked into the normal map.
But Substance also exports a height map, which is pretty much redundant then?

The question is: How do I export the normal map without the height channel being baked into it?

Maybe some info about my project:
I've created a normal map in Substance with a higher poly mesh.
In the texturing I haven't touched the normal channel once, just the height channel.
The normal map is just for smoother shading later in Arnold.

I know it's actually better to have it all just on the normal map,
I just think it's weird that also the heightmap is exported in the preset then.

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